4 games in 1

The new way
to play cards

Ideal for fun with friends or family, KING’S ART offers an original version of battle and rummy to have fun and develop skills at any age: memorization, logic, calculation or even language, coordination and creativity.


KING'S ART, a real work of art

An artistic work

Each card is a stunning artwork painted in watercolors by Ilan Atlan. He is an artist who multiplies the supports and challenges his achievements by always going further (drawings, paintings, collages, cutting, mosaics, stained glass, parchment, calligraphy, watercolor).

The Hebrew alphabet

Each card represents a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Each letter is illustrated with a drawing. Each drawing represents a word that begins with that letter. Guess it...

A learning tool

KING'S ART is a wonderful learning tool that puts art within everyone's reach to develop their intellectual faculties and their creativity, whatever their age.

Where to find KING'S ART?

At the store

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A game made in France to take everywhere

Thanks to its format and its pouch, KING’S ART is a game that you can easily take anywhere.

A game with CE standards

This product complies with the regulations for children's games. It's a game produced in Europe: the cards are made in France, the packaging, the pouch and the booklet in Italy. This product complies with the European Toy Safety Directive (TSD 2009/48/EC) regulations for children's games.

A pretty and well-filled box

This original pop packaging, created by director Diana Michelis, includes: - 44 cards: twice the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet - a 12-page booklet which describes the rules of the game and presents the Hebrew letters, their numerical value as well as the word which is drawn inside the letter. This in French, English and Hebrew.

They recommend KING'S ART

Thank you to all those who trust KING’S ART


This is an educational game. Everything we love about Moadon: learning while having fun, without realizing it. Our children will discover this game, this summer, in summer camps or summer camps or at the start of the next school year in our House in Paris 17th.

André Bensimon, volunteer director of Moadon, June 2019 


Images are a particularly effective means of communicating with children and developing their maturity and emotional intelligence. Through a game of soft and pleasant visual representations, KING’S ART allows us to teach not only young children the alphabet, and this, in a playful and amusing way. But it also helps us to gently enter the child’s world to create stronger bonds with him.

Cécile Abergel, therapist


Great Hebrew learning game from the KING’S ART team. Reading like counting will no longer have any mysteries, just like the beautiful calligraphy of the cards. Recommended for children, beginners and adults.

Judith Wahnich Darmon, director of the cultural center for students, Edmond Fleg, June 2019

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